We use session cookies to manage user settings. For example, when you choose the size to view photos, session cookies enable this setting to be remembered for the duration of your site visit. All session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

For subscribers, authentication cookies manage your log-in status.

We do not use any third party cookies. We do not use cookies for marketing purposes.

Privacy Policy

Statistics and analysis of website traffic is collected so that the performance and layout of the site can be monitored and improved. We use these statistics for monitoring the aggregated site use over all users, not for monitoring individuals. For example, we can determine which content is the most popular by the quantity of download and views.

We work with ccbill to manage payments. When you subscribe, you enter your credit card details on the ccbill website and the security of those details is managed by ccbill. We do not receive or store your credit card number. When you subscribe on ccbill, you provide some personal information such as your email address which is shared with us. We never share your email address or any other subscription information with any third parties other than ccbill.

To discourage theft and anauthorized redistribution, some of our media files are protected with embedded data. When you download some media files, data is embedded in the file including a hashed reference to the subscriber's account. When we discover a file that has been illegally published we can examine the embedded information and determine which subscriber downloaded the file.