Model Application

We are not currently offering shoots, but you are welcome to get in touch so that we have your application when we restart in future.

The ideal model has a slim or athletic build, aged 18 to 27 with no tattoos, and natural unshaved pubes.

Our studio is based in Manchester UK. You will need to be able to travel here to do a shoot.

Prepare Your Photos

Your photos are important, and you will need well-lit, recently taken photos for your application. Here are some guidelines on what you need:

  • Stand in your underwear or nude, directly facing the mirror. Hold the phone below chest height and get a shot from your head down to your thighs.
  • Same as above but from the side. Put your nearest hand behind your head so that your arm does not obscure your body.
  • A photo showing your face, plain expression, no smiling.
  • If you have any tattoos, then please include photos which show where they are and how large.
  • You are welcome to send as many photos as you like.
Please do not send us any pictures that were taken when you were under 18 years old.

For some inspiration, here are some photos provided by Ryan (shown here with permission).

Ryan Front
Ryan Side
Ryan Head
Ryan in Bath
Ryan in Underwear

How to Apply

Please email us at with photos (or links to photos).

Please tell us:
  • Your age (Please state your real age. Models need to bring proof of age to the shoot.)
  • Have you got any tattoos? Where are they are on your body?
  • Your height?
  • Your weight?
  • Your waist size?
  • Which country/region do you live in, and can you travel to Manchester?

Thank you, and good luck with your application!