About StudioLads

StudioLads (previously called xyChrome) is dedicated to the photography of male models.

Key features of StudioLads

  • Male models
  • All models have natural unshaved pubic hair
  • Images and videos available in Ultra high-definition
  • Photos taken with full-frame cameras in a professional studio
  • Not just nude images - plenty of posing in casual wear and underwear too
  • Most models are British and uncut
  • Contents include animated gifs and mp4 animations
  • Zip file downloads
  • All content is exclusive to StudioLads.com

Here is a composite photo from a shoot with model Ryan. Our shoots include carefully engineered setups for making composites like this, showing models in two different states such dressed/undressed, calm/aroused, and more.


Image Quality

Images are available at UltraHD (4K) resolution, meaning they have 2160 lines and are up to 3840 wide (depending on the aspect ratio). Smaller resolutions are also available if you have limited bandwidth or disk space. We never upscale images.
We provide some sample pictures which you can view to get an idea of the general quality before signing up.

Video Quality

Videos can be streamed and viewed directly from the site. The quality adapts to the available bandwidth between the website and your device and may change while you watch to avoid buffering. Videos can also be downloaded for offline playback at a consistent quality.

Downloading Options

Members can save individual pictures, or entire sets can be downloaded as zip files.
Videos can be downloaded in MP4/H264 format. There is a range of quality and file size options for video download, up to a maximum of UltraHD 4K resolution (3840 x 2160).

Downloading Limits

We don't place any limits on how much each member can download.

Exclusive content

All the photosets you see on StudioLads are exclusive to StudioLads. However, you might see some of the models elsewhere. We don't have any exclusivity deals and models are free to work elsewhere.


Our Twitter screen name is @studiolads_com


(Published with permission)

Great site! ("Phil from France", 12 Aug 2018)

I became a member of your site yesterday and I love the concept. No picture site I've known has ever had so many HiDef pictures and so many positions for each model. It's really a plus.

I took the opportunity to have a look at the Model Application section of your site and I couldn't agree more with the no tattoo / no shaven pubes policy, the last being a plague for erotic sites since most straight men now shave them (to please their girlfriends who do the same, so I heard...). I have a membership for [another site], but I'm thinking of cancelling since 9 out of 10 models are shaven now, which wasn't the case a few years ago...

Thanks again for the great work!

Great work! (c***@hotmail.co.uk, 7 Mar 2018)

I just wanted to compliment you on the quality of your photography. It almost feels as if you are "worshiping" the models - really fantastic.

The guys that you have found are great, it's refreshing to see such a beautiful mix of men reflecting "real" people not just conventional model types!